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Your comprehensive directory to navigate businesses, entrepreneurs, and service providers across the continent 

As we gear up to unveil our comprehensive directory, we invite you to anticipate a platform like no other. "All Business Africa" is meticulously crafting a space where you can seamlessly navigate the vast and vibrant business ecosystem of Africa.

With meticulous attention to detail, we are sculpting a space that promises more than just listings. It offers a journey—a seamless exploration through the vast terrains of Africa's business ecosystem, from its bustling urban hubs to its emerging rural enterprises. 

Directory Features

Search & Discover

Search & Discover

 Easily find businesses, entrepreneurs, or service providers based on your criteria.

Detailed Profiles

Detailed Profiles

Comprehensive profiles with essential details, reviews, and contact information.

Interactive Maps

Interactive Maps

Locate businesses geographically and explore opportunities across regions.

Category Filters

Category Filters

Browse by industry, sector, region, country or business size to narrow down your search.

Benefits of Using the Directory

  • For Entrepreneurs: Connect with potential partners, suppliers, or clients and expand your network.
  • For Investors: Discover promising businesses and investment opportunities.
  • For Service Providers: Showcase your offerings and reach a broader audience.
  • For Researchers & Analysts: Access a wealth of data and insights on the African business landscape.


How It Works

  1. Search: Use our intuitive search feature to find businesses by name, category, or location.
  2. Filter: Refine your search results using our advanced filters.
  3. Explore: Dive into detailed profiles, read reviews, and get a comprehensive understanding.
  4. Connect: Reach out to businesses directly through our platform.


We employ a blend of advanced techniques and traditional methods to curate a rich and comprehensive database.
Here's a glimpse into where our data comes from:

1. AFRICAN BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS Connecting to reputable business news outlets and
databases across the continent.

2. LOCAL ENTERPRISE WEBSITES Gathering data from official websites of startups, SMEs, and established corporations in Africa.

3. INVESTMENT & FUNDING SOURCES Real-time monitoring of investment news, announcements, and trends from the African venture capital scene.

4. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS Leveraging web tools to track business activities, announcements, and trends across major social platforms.

5. GOVERNMENT & REGULATORY FILINGS Sourcing data from official regulatory bodies and government agencies to ensure accuracy and compliance.

6. RESEARCH REPORTS & MARKET STUDIES Collaborating with our analytics teams to enrich our database with insights from recent market research and industry presentations.